Sunday, August 28, 2016

#138: The holy word that I've been waiting for

Literally me this month.

Despite of what I blogged yesterday, I came to a conclusion that 2016 has actually been a way better year than 2015. (I know it is only August but 8 months of good stuffs in a year? That’s like way too good for me already!) That puts 2015 as the worst year I have encountered in my whole life.

Who knew moving to a new country would grant you with such amazing new friends? Friends that are real keepers. A lot of changes happened this year and all of the changes have made me stepped out of my comfort zone. I met some really amazing people despite of whatever “bad” things that have been happening. I learned a lot through my traveling, picked up a lot of new great friends.

I did not lose any friends. No one has backstabbed me. I came to know how some friends find me important in their life - which is something I deeply appreciate. Some new people that I met taught me how to appreciate this beautiful life, taught me that success is more than just having a career, taught me that there is absolutely so much more to life. I mean there are a few hiccups - but when those happened, it just reminds me how I’ve made such a brilliant decision to cut some people out of my life. No more toxic for me. Also, I did not cried as much when I was in 2015. In 2016, I am just very confused and scared but not heartbroken - so that is already so much better than the years before. It has been an exciting year so far.

I am not usually a fan of ‘new’ and ‘changes’ - but sometimes we got to admit, those are what we really need in life to push us forward. I know career wise is not going so good for me - I used to think that my career defines my happiness, but now I realized that the great people around me are the ones defining my happiness. I’ve got such amazing family and friends who truly believe and support me, so what else do I need? What gives you a better feeling than to see people around you truly happy having you by their sides?

Dear readers, changes are good. Stepping out of your comfort zone to overcome certain fear is good. So you know what? I am going to try to step out of my fear towards romantic relationships. I can overcome that fear. I definitely will. I will try to believe that having feelings is okay. So should all of you who are reading this - step out and overcome whatever fears you have. This is the year.

(Maybe it’s a good year to change industry too?)

Loves, xx
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